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Welcome to Waterloo Nissan


Buying a car in Waterloo just got a lot closer to being an environmentally friendly thing to do.The new Waterloo Nissan dealership on Northfield Drive comes fully loaded with a ton of great, ecologically-minded features.

The dealership has a grand interior showroom large enough for 15 vehicles, an open-concept customer lounge area with comfortable seating, a private study for customers with an internet connection for laptops, a telephone and desk.There's also a state-of-the art service center with nine hoists and room to add two more in the near future. A tour of the service area reveals a spacious, clean, and orderly workshop.

Appointments can be booked now through texting us -226-458-4410. The new showroom allows customers to browse new models without competing with inclement weather. The new facility itself is a physical commitment by Waterloo Nissan to a more ecologically responsible future.

Among the green initiatives at Waterloo Nissan is a smart lighting system called LightBoss, a Canadian-made intelligent lighting system headquartered in Milton. LightBoss controls the dealership's lighting indoors and out, saving on hydro and using energy more efficiently than traditional lighting.The construction of the facility used recycled, highly-rated environmentally friendly building materials like recycled porcelain tiles for the showroom flooring and aluminum composite paneling on the exterior - which is from recycled materials, and can again be recycled.

Low emissivity windows were installed to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling.The glass in each window has a special coating to prevent Ultra-Violet light from passing through into the building; this has the added bonus of preventing sun-fading inside the showroom. Between the panes of glass themselves is a special inert gas that drastically reduces the amount of heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor environments, providing greater efficiency for a controlled climate in the spacious showroom.

Waterloo Nissan is also equipped with advanced electrical conduits for Nissan's zero-emission vehicle, the Leaf. The Leaf is the first mass-production zero emissions vehicle in Canada. It features recycled materials - like seats made from recycled water bottles - and batteries that can be re purposed without additional processing as energy banks for solar farms.

About Waterloo Nissan, Proudly Supplying New Nissan Models in Waterloo, Ontario

Whether you're from Waterloo, Kitchener, London, Cambridge, Brantford or anywhere in between, you can rest assured that when you shop for a new or used Nissan, you're shopping for quality and reliability, no matter which model appeals to you.

Qualifying for a loan or Nissan lease couldn't be easier with our on-site financial enthusiasts at your back. We know all of the ins and outs of finding quality financing solutions, and that means you can spend less time going over paperwork and more time enjoying your new car.

Once you're behind the wheel as an owner, Waterloo Nissan continues to support your driving needs through our onsite service center. Our team is well-versed in everything automotive and utilizes the latest Nissan parts, so you can count on solid routine maintenance and timely repairs when they're needed.

When you can come to Waterloo Nissan, you can have your Nissan wishes granted. And let's face it: you deserve nothing less. Located on 141 Northfield Dr W in Waterloo, Ontario, we know our job isn't finished until you're completely satisfied.