Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products


Waterloo Nissan is proud to offer Nissan's all new line of professional cleaning products. Nissan took time to make sure each of it's products were the best in it's category.
If you are interested in more information see below for short descriptions on a few of our new products.
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Touch Screen Cleaner
Use Touch Screen Cleaner to gently and effectively clean touch screens in cars, trucks and other vehicles equipped with touch screens. Safely removes oil, grease, grime and other non-abrasive stains. For use on any touch screen surface including GPS, vehicle DVD displays, cell phones, tablets and laptops. Available in 100ml bottles.

Wheel & Rim Cleane
Wheel & Rim Cleaner has specifically formulated, deep-cleaning, agents that penetrate into hard-to-reach areas, dislodging tough dirt and brake dust. It is designed to use on all wheel rims, wheel covers and hubcaps. Available in 739ml bottles.

Tire Shine & Dressing
Use Tire Shine & Dressing to beautify and protect tires, rubber and plastic bumpers. This dry, non-greasy, formula protects and beautifies, giving your tires that show room finish. Tire Shine and Dressing will leave a dry satin finish to help protect your tires from sunlight and weathering while resisting dust and grime. Available in 320g spray cans.

Spray & Shine Detailer
Spray & Shine is a detailer for rapid cleaning. Leaves a showroom shine on cars, motorcycles and boats. Use on paint, chrome, glass, mirrors, Lexan and Plexiglas. Helps keep mud, bugs and light dirt from sticking to the vehicle. Does not leave streaks or residue. Resists finger smudges. Body shop friendly. Available in 739g Spray Bottles.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a single cleaner that will quickly and effectively clean surfaces and upholstery of everyday dirt, spills, marks, stains and grime. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON GLASS. Available in 920ml spray bottles.

Leather & Vinyl Cleaner
Leather & Vinyl Cleaner will remove dirt from leather and vinyl surfaces, including seats, dashboards and trim to restore leather and vinyl sheen and leave a protective coating that will help repel dirt and grime. Also useful as a spot remover on vinyl and leather surfaces. Available in 415g cans.

Foamy Penetrating Spray
Foamy Penetrating Spray is a heavy-duty lubricant and penetrant which uses a unique formulation that will penetrate rust, lubricate surfaces and parts that are tight and binding, and repel moisture from surfaces. The foamy nature of the product assists in the product's ability to stick to the surfaces it is sprayed on. Available in 440g cans.

Flexi-Film® Corrosion Protection
Flexi-Film® Corrosion Protection is an ideal product to use to protect all types of metal surfaces from rust, corrosion and oxidation. The penetrating and coating action ensures moisture is displaced and further moisture intrusion prevented. Flexi-Film® will not dry and flake off. Flexi-Film® will also provide lubrication to sliding surfaces preventing binding and squeaking. Available in 340g spray cans.


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