Getting the most out of a tank of gas not only takes you further in Waterloo, but also saves you money. While most Nissan models are already fuel efficient, you can give your tank a boost by changing some driving and maintenance habits.

Replace damaged tires: Worn and damaged tires actually require more energy from your engine to move. You can help your engine run more efficiently by ordering new tires through the Waterloo Nissan Tire Store.

Pack less: Likewise, your engine works harder to carry any extra cargo weight packed into your vehicle. Shed the pounds by packing only what you need for the trip, and your engine will thank you by running more efficiently.

Combine trips: Engines are the least efficient when they’re cold. So if you have multiple errands to run, try to combine them as much as you can. That way your engine stays warmed up and efficient.

Use some of these tips, and maximize your fuel efficiency on the roads in Kitchener, London, Cambridge, and Brantford!