Driving a brand new Nissan vehicle in Waterloo is exciting! The process of financing that new Nissan? Well, let’s just say it can be anything but exciting, especially when you’re trying to make all the decision on your own. Luckily, Waterloo Nissan customers have our expert Finance Department to walk them through all the details. Especially when you’re deciding between buying and leasing, it’s important to understand the benefits of each.

Buying a new Nissan: The benefit of buying a new Nissan is simple… you own it! That means there are no mileage restrictions, you can alter your vehicle in any way, and you’re free to resell or trade it in at any time. And when you pay it off, you can say goodbye to monthly payments!

Leasing a new Nissan: While you don’t own the vehicle when you lease it, you won’t be required to pay full price! You only pay for the agreed upon lease term, which is usually around 36 months. And when your lease is up, you have the opportunity to upgrade to a brand new Nissan every time you sign a new lease!

This is just a brief overview of some of the benefits to buying and leasing a new Nissan. You can get the full picture by contacting the Finance Department here at Waterloo Nissan!