Many Waterloo drivers look for any opportunity they can get to pop the hood and work on their Nissan. From a basic oil change to brake jobs or complicated repairs, there’s something satisfying about doing the work yourself. Waterloo Nissan can help make that do-it-yourself repair that much better with genuine Nissan parts from our Nissan Parts Department.

Why should you use genuine Nissan parts instead of aftermarkets? Consider these four reasons:

  • Genuine Nissan parts are higher quality. How do we know this? Because they come directly from Nissan, instead of being made by someone else. They are factory grade quality parts, made specifically for your vehicle.
  • Genuine Nissan parts last longer. Higher quality parts means longer lasting parts.
  • Genuine Nissan parts lead to long term savings. Because they last longer, you won’t have to do as many repairs in the future. That’ll save you money down the road.
  • Genuine Nissan parts come with support. You’ll have the Waterloo Nissan parts department team ready to help you find the perfect part and offer customer support. Try getting that from some random aftermarket website.

Request your needed genuine Nissan parts, and remember to check out our Parts Specials for your chance to save. Nissan parts pave the way for great repairs!