Now that the sun is shining, and the roads are clear of snow, it’s time to get your Nissan ready for spring! Bring your vehicle by our Nissan Express Service here at Waterloo Nissan, and your vehicle will be ready to cruise Waterloo in 30 minutes or less. Here are a few things to get checked out:

Tires: If you’ve been running on the same tires all winter, it’s a good idea to have them rotated. That’ll help spread the tread wear evenly, and preserve all four.
Oil: Keeping your engine clean year round is key. Clean out the dirt and debris that can build up in your engine with an oil and filter change.
Brakes: Road salt can get into your brakes and wreak havoc. Have your brake pads and rotors inspected, and replaced if need be.
Our factory trained and certified technicians can perform all of these tasks for you with speed and accuracy. And there’s no appointment necessary! Come by at any time that’s convenient for you. Remember to check out our current Service Specials, and we’ll see you soon!