Healthy tires make a world of difference. When tires are underinflated, worn, or damaged, they can’t grip or handle as well, so they won’t keep you as safe while you navigate the Waterloo roads. So when they start to wear down, knowing when to replace them is important. Do you know when to get new tires?

Bald tires: When tread wears down, your tires simply can’t perform up to your expectations. They’re not only less safe, but also wreak havoc on your fuel efficiency.

Bulges and cracks: If you find bulges and cracks forming, it could mean something has broken internally (like a steal belt). Replace your tire ASAP to prevent a highway blowout.

Vibrations: There are plenty of things that can cause vibrations in your vehicle. One could be damaged, worn, or aligned tires.

Deflation: If your tires keep losing air, but you can’t find a leak or puncture, it’s time for replacements.

When you need new tires, visit the Waterloo Nissan Tire Store. We’ll help you find the perfect set for your Nissan model. Then schedule an appointment in our Auto Repair Centre to have your new tires mounted and balanced. Handle the curves like a pro with new tires on your Nissan!